• What cargo data do I need to provide for calculating the cost of logistics services offered by your company?

    To calculate the cost of our company's logistics services, you need to provide the following information about the cargo:

    Cargo Weight: Specify the exact weight of the cargo in kilograms. If you have various components of the cargo, indicate their individual weights.

    Cargo Dimensions: Specify the dimensions of the cargo, including length, width, and height. This will help us determine the volume of the cargo and select suitable transportation.

    Cargo Type: Describe the nature of the cargo. For example, it could be goods on pallets, containerized cargo, hazardous or fragile materials, etc. Clarify if special conditions or precautions are required during transportation.

    Origin and Destination: Provide the exact addresses of the cargo's origin and destination. This will allow us to calculate the distance and choose the optimal route.

    Delivery Deadlines: Specify if you have any specific delivery time requirements. This will help us select the appropriate transportation and determine the possibility of fulfilling the order within the required timeframe.

    Additional Services: If you require additional services such as cargo insurance, customs clearance, or warehouse services, please specify this in your request.

    Providing complete and accurate information about the cargo will help us offer you the best option and calculate the cost of our logistics services.

  • From which countries can you provide international freight transportation services?

    We have the capability to provide international logistics services between various countries around the world. Our company has a broad global network of partners, enabling us to deliver goods to countries in Europe and the EAEU.

    This is just a small list of countries with which we can organize international logistics services. Regardless of where your cargo is located or where it needs to be delivered, we are ready to ensure reliable and efficient logistics to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination on time and intact.

  • Do you provide warehouse logistics services only in the territory of the Russian Federation, or also in European countries?

    We provide warehouse logistics services not only in the territory of the Russian Federation but also in European countries. Our company has the capability to organize warehouse services in various regions, including European countries.

    We have a network of warehouses and partners located in different parts of Europe, allowing us to provide storage, inventory management, and other logistics-related services in this territory. Regardless of where you need warehouse logistics, we can offer solutions that meet your needs both in Russia and in European countries.

  • How much does the cost of logistics services change depending on the weight or volume of the shipment?

    The cost of logistics services can vary significantly depending on the weight and volume of the shipment. Typically, there are different tariffs and rates taken into account when calculating the cost of logistics services.

    Weight of the cargo: Heavier cargo may result in higher transportation costs. In some cases, transportation companies apply weight-based tariffs where the cost of the service is proportional to the weight of the cargo.

    Volume of the cargo: If the cargo occupies a large volume that does not correspond to its actual weight, a so-called volumetric weight tariff may be applied. This means that the cost of the service is calculated based on the volume of the cargo, which takes up more space in the transport vehicle, even if its actual weight is small.

  • What types of cargo do you transport?

    Types and categories of cargo we handle:

    Every day, we assist our clients in delivering various types of cargo. The nature of the cargo is diverse and may include general goods (materials, equipment, clothing, etc.) as well as hazardous materials. We take into account all the specifics related to preparing documentation before shipping the cargo, carefully plan routes, and ensure control over the loading and unloading processes.

  • What types of vehicles do you transport cargo with?

    We offer transportation of goods using various types of vehicles to meet our clients' needs. For transporting perishable goods requiring special storage conditions, we utilize refrigerated trucks. These specialized vehicles are equipped with temperature control systems, allowing us to maintain cargo under optimal conditions by regulating cooling.

    If your cargo does not require specific storage conditions, we employ curtain-sided trucks. These vehicles are fitted with reliable materials (curtains) that protect the cargo from weather conditions, ensuring its safety and integrity during transportation.

    Additionally, we specialize in transporting oversized cargo. This includes the transportation of large items, equipment, or other non-standard cargo that requires special attention and dedicated vehicles for safe and reliable delivery.

    We guarantee the use of the appropriate type of vehicle for transporting your cargo, ensuring its safety, integrity, and timely delivery.

  • How long does delivery of the cargo take?

    The delivery time of the cargo may vary depending on several factors, including the distance between the origin and destination points, the chosen mode of transport, road conditions, the presence of customs procedures, and other logistical factors. The specific delivery time can be determined during the order processing and depends on the conditions and requirements of the client. For international shipments, the delivery time can range from several days to two weeks, depending on the route and chosen mode of transport.

  • What is Incoterms and how does it affect international transportation?

    Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) - define the responsibilities of the seller and buyer for the delivery and insurance of the goods. They are important for determining the precise obligations of each party in the process of international transportation.

  • Which countries are subject to sanctions and how does this affect international transportation?

    The list of countries subject to sanctions may change over time. Before organizing international transportation, make sure that the cargo is not subject to sanctions or export/import restrictions.












  • Can you provide insurance for my cargo?

    Yes, if you wish, we can offer insurance for your cargo during international transportation. This will help protect your cargo in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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